Jordan Gillis Band


The Jordan Gillis Band is comprised of some of the best musicians Baltimore has to offer. They are not only extremely talented, but they all are good friends and love playing together. That tight-knit vibe comes out in the music. In addition to a rock-solid bassist, drummer, and keyboard player, Jordan can summon an awesome horn section if needed. We already know about Jordan, but let's get to know the rest of the band.

Joshua Ballard


Josh originally met Jordan in a now de'funked Funk band. Josh has roots in Country, Folk, and Bluegrass but is extremely versatile and plays everything from Funk n Jazz to Rock and Blues all at a high level. Josh studied at Berklee and still has that same passion about learning from his College days.

Michael Bodine


Mike met Jordan when he first moved to Baltimore, Mike has a funky style mixed with a melodic orchestral quality. Mike is extremely passionate

about composing and arranging and this band is a great outlet for him to express that creativity.

Roger Stewart


Roger and Jordan met for the first time on a gig

with a mutual friend, before Jordan knew it, he

needed a drummer at the last minute, Roger helped

out and the rest is history. Roger is extremely versatile with roots in jazz mixed with all genres of music, Roger studied at Peabody but was already accomplished beforehand having started at the age of 2.